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Healthcare Practices

Synergy Accounting has a proud history of partnering with healthcare practices. Our mission is to arm you with accurate, timely data so that you can make the proactive business decisions that help your practice not just survive, but thrive.

Do these thoughts cross your mind when you think about your practice?

Fears of having to close your practice keep you up at night... 

… Competition is fierce in an incredibly fast-moving and ever-changing space. If you can’t keep your edge, you could end up losing everything you’ve worked for. 


Creeping costs & declining reimbursement rates are crippling your cash flow... 

...Even as your productivity grows, your income is at a standstill. You see rival practices moving forward and you’re in real danger of getting left behind. 


You can’t seem to get the data you need to plan for the future...

...Your current accountants are helpful when it comes to taxes, but they’re not arming you with the foresight you need to make proactive business decisions.

Your admin staff is overwhelmed by financial tasks...

...They’re not qualified, and they really don’t have the time to keep tabs on the numbers. 


It seems impossible to keep up with ever-changing regulations and taxes...

… It can feel like you’re running your practice in the dark, and you know that non-compliance could devastate your finances and your reputation.


These problems are draining your energy & distracting from what matters most... 

...You want to focus on why you went into this industry in the first place - to look after patients and build a reputation for excellence in your specialization. 

Benefits of contracting our services

Years of experience working in the healthcare industry means that we’re all too familiar with the problems healthcare practices face - but it also means that we know exactly what’s needed to remedy them. When you partner with us, you can feel confident that your business’s financial health is being properly taken care of. 


We Take the Pressure Off for You & Your Staff

You didn’t go into medicine because you love numbers, and your admin staff can be overwhelmed by financial tasks if they’re not qualified.


We Understand the Healthcare Industry

With years of experience partnering with healthcare practices, our team has its finger on the pulse of ever-changing regulations and knows the unique demands and challenges you face.

We Pride Ourselves on Proactivity

We’re not just the accountants you see once a year to sort out your taxes. Arming you with timely data in an easy to understand format means that you can make proactive decisions for your practice.


We Believe in The Power of Profits

We know that profits are power, allowing you to scale-up your practice, expand to new locations, and ultimately expand your impact. Your numbers shouldn’t hold you back.


A Specialized Three-Step Process Designed to Get Results

Diagnose, prescribe, administer. Our rigorous process will get to the heart of what’s holding your practice back. We’ll look into those persistent problems that cause you daily frustration and bring into focus the potential issues you might not even know about. Because we understand that no two healthcare practices are the same, we target our process on your specific needs and ambitions. The outcome? A personalized plan to help you increase cash flow, maintain your competitive edge, and make big plans for the future. 



At Synergy, We Offer High-Quality Guidance That Makes a Consistently Positive Impact For Our Happy Clients

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It...

“Synergy Accounting Services is a warm, responsive and attentive source of expert accounting knowledge which has helped our company transition from start-up to thriving small business. Through a personalised service and excellent response times, we feel like a priority to Synergy, no matter the size and scope of our needs.”

– Jena Crable, Director of Operations Cradle Systems (Washington, DC)

“Our company has been using Synergy’s services for a couple of years now. We have found Lakia to be timely, trustworthy and conscientious with all her work. She was hired as a bookkeeper, but we received a lot more in advice and services”

– Chris Holcomb, Owner Heritage Financial Advisors LLC

“It is difficult to place a value on how much Synergy Accounting has helped my partners and I. Not only did they do a professional job for us, but the budgeting and forecasting they provided was superb. I know exactly who I will contact when accounting needs to be outsourced, and you should do the same.”

– Dominic Phelps, Owner and Managing Partner, Phelps Realty Group
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